Friday, August 29, 2003

Sometimes I still wallow in pain over ex-K, other times I'm distantly snobbish to the "ship" & others I just can't bring myself to care anymore. I'm emotionally exhausted. Not just over her, but over my life in general for the past 3 years.

Anyway, the only reason I brought any of that mess of shit up is while thinkin about her, I was reminded of my first, great crush. Her name was Stephanie Zinonie. All through the Eighties I wanted to be her C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R like a mother fucker.

I bring that up cause I need a new crush. I'm gettin a little tired of my old ones. And the gal doesn't even have to be famous. Just somone you think deserves my unrequited attentions.

Plus, I could use a little female contact (any kind at all) anyway. I should really get out more. I mean, I'm not THAT ugly. Or so I'm told.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Does anyone elses' mother have a particular curse or swear that's not really a curse or swear? You know, something kind of close, but say she doesn't exactly want to belt out the blue, yet desires an epithet that will bring across all the frustation and consternation she may be feeling.

My mother's favorite is "God Bless America!"

Mom is making a sandwich and some mayo falls from the knife onto the countertop and she hisses, "God Bless America!"

Just wondering if there are other ma's in the world that have such phrases.
with nothing special Hot D Landfill 6:59 PM


I went to the Corvette show in Carlisle this past Saturday. Mesmerizing. I haven't drooled that much over cars without women laid across them in quite some time.

Too often of late, I feel like a horse with a broken leg, waiting patiently for the kind man with a 12 gauge. At least I've retained some sense of anticipation.

On my way to the Liquor Store in a Strip Mall I noticed a very, very attractive lady working in a store called Wedding World. I thought of swaggerin in and askin her out. Till I realized the name of the store. I don't think I could date a woman around all that all day. That is even if she's single. She may already be married. I don't think I could even marry a woman around all that all day. She's gonna be bitter and vile about relationships as I. Or she's gonna marry the first schmuck that comes along with a tongue like honey i.e. me. Both are poison.
with nothing special Hot D Landfill 6:35 PM

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Largest attempt at efficient sanitiation since McDonalds got rid of the styrofoam. I've been selected as the 2003 the fun-to-drive-champ. For some reason I allowed "flaccid is nnotco" to become the subject line of my life. I'm a damn hell ass king. I should cook Brocktoon a nice dinner, not keep him in jar in my basement. I'll say 39 times that "I love you" to the beauty I have found. You can send me dead flowers at my wedding, or by the U.S. Mail. I'll pretend I'm sober and call it a day

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