Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Note: For those of you receiving mix discs, please do not look for any hidden meaning in the order or general idea of included songs. That would surely make me seem the psycho. Thanks, Mgmt.

In other news, pick up Permission To Land by The Darkness. It'll rock your hair band, glam metal ass off. I never thought I'd pick up a CD from a band that I heard on MTV since 120 Minutes went off the air. I'm such a tool.
with nothing special Hot D Landfill 4:39 PM

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Largest attempt at efficient sanitiation since McDonalds got rid of the styrofoam. I've been selected as the 2003 the fun-to-drive-champ. For some reason I allowed "flaccid is nnotco" to become the subject line of my life. I'm a damn hell ass king. I should cook Brocktoon a nice dinner, not keep him in jar in my basement. I'll say 39 times that "I love you" to the beauty I have found. You can send me dead flowers at my wedding, or by the U.S. Mail. I'll pretend I'm sober and call it a day

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