Friday, January 09, 2004

What to blog. Okay, Holidays.

Was fine. Time with my friends was the best. And Atlanta no longer exists cause I fucking drank it. I looked the 10 car pile up most of the time. Then I started drinking again and became sophisticated.

Nearly strangled my grandmother a hundred times over. That woman needs to go away.

Got some cool presents. Very cool presents, actually. Such as the always wicked slick mix discs from Boz. And also very happy folks dug their discs from me.

Deduced some info about someone when they could've had the courtesy to tell me, tho they didn't really have to, but it would have been pretty nice to know without having to PI the info. Common courtesy and all.

Got shot in the neck by a bottle rocket.

Got hypnotized by this girl's beauty fine ass.

Farted on a friend's face while he was passed out drunk.

But the best part was at a bar. Me and some cronies were trying to get these girls to go to another bar with us, they wouldn't cause we were sloppy drunk and stinky, so my buddy booed them like an angry fan. Right in her face, a big loud, "Boooooo!" I was awed.

That's all that I can think of right now.

Well, it's Friday. Who's got big plans? Not me, cause I have NO ONE.

Have a great weekend.

with nothing special Hot D Landfill 3:19 PM

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Largest attempt at efficient sanitiation since McDonalds got rid of the styrofoam. I've been selected as the 2003 the fun-to-drive-champ. For some reason I allowed "flaccid is nnotco" to become the subject line of my life. I'm a damn hell ass king. I should cook Brocktoon a nice dinner, not keep him in jar in my basement. I'll say 39 times that "I love you" to the beauty I have found. You can send me dead flowers at my wedding, or by the U.S. Mail. I'll pretend I'm sober and call it a day

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