Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I suppose I should officially say...SO LONG. This is my last post. And I'm drunk. Which is fitting. I'm also down in Georgia. Which isn't so fitting, because it's hot as fuck and I should've known that. I'm not living down here again, just visiting for a few special occasions. I would like to thank everyone whose visited my website over the year & some change, leaving comments, lyin by tellin me I'm cool, lettin me bother the fuck out of you on AIM, which I will probably continue to do (regulated by alcohol & desire for human electronicship). I wish I had something more to say, but I don't want to get too dramatic. Cause, tears, yeah, they are abound.


Everyone take care, be cool. Good things, kids, good things.
with nothing special Hot D Landfill 11:15 PM

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Largest attempt at efficient sanitiation since McDonalds got rid of the styrofoam. I've been selected as the 2003 the fun-to-drive-champ. For some reason I allowed "flaccid is nnotco" to become the subject line of my life. I'm a damn hell ass king. I should cook Brocktoon a nice dinner, not keep him in jar in my basement. I'll say 39 times that "I love you" to the beauty I have found. You can send me dead flowers at my wedding, or by the U.S. Mail. I'll pretend I'm sober and call it a day

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